UAS Hubschrauber

UAS Hubschrauber

UAS Hubschrauber

Das einzigartige Konstruktionsprinzip des Flettner-UAV-Hubschraubers "Waran" überzeugt durch überdurchschnittlich hohe Zulademöglichkeit, optimale Flugstabilität und einem hohen Grad an Sicherheit.

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UAS go Above and Beyond




Where can UAS go? Nearly everywhere, as it turns out. Many industries are already feeling the positive impacts of UAS technology, as they use it in a variety of aerial tasks. And these are just some of the ways these industries are putting UAS to work for them. Let it inspire your own ideas as you envision where UAS can take you.


Inspections and Monitoring

Inspections and monitoring are a requirement when working in many infrastructure, building and utility fields. A rotary UAS in particular is ideal for these jobs because of its wide range of movement. It can get accurate feedback but still maintain a safe distance, especially in more hazardous areas, like high voltage power lines or oil and gas pipelines. 

  • Oil and gas pipeline inspections
  • Power line inspections
  • Wind turbine inspections
  • Photovoltaic system inspections
  • Roadwork, ramp, bridge and canal inspections
  • Railroad infrastructure inspections
  • Safety assessments
  • Flooding change detection
  • Erosion monitoring


Using a UAS for mapping is a straightforward process. After establishing some basic measurement parameters (i.e. altitude, airspeed, image overlap), and setting a flight plan, collecting the data is performed automatically. The end result is orthophotos and 3D models that can be used in a variety of industries, and as part of a variety of tasks. 

  • Asset management
  • Volume calculation (stock piles)
  • Research (geology, archaeology, etc.)
  • Roadwork, ramps, bridges and canals
  • Safety assessments
  • Flooding change detection
  • Surveying
  • Waste Management

Aerial Imaging and Filming

UAS can capture amazing imagery. The cameras are mounted to compensate for the pitch and roll of in-flight movement, and the result is high quality, blur free video and photography. UAS are compatible with some of the most advanced camera systems in the world, and they're more flexible and less expensive than using a crane or manned helicopter. Video and images from UAS can be used in everything from movies and television to disaster management and safety assessment. 

  • Film
  • Television and commercials
  • Post disaster assessments
  • Safety assessment
  • Geological research
  • Archaeological research
  • Commercial photography